Technical Support & Consultation

Remote Support
Our remote support contract is very popular with clients. With a phone and Internet access, we can fix many of the computer issues that come up in an office, saving you time and money.
On-Site Tech Support
Due to the nature of office technology, there is no way to competely eliminate on-site support visits. For example, when a piece of equipment fails, when the computer in question has no Internet access, or when a virus prevents a computer from allowing a remote fix, you will need on-site tech support. Our certified technicians are only a phone call away.
In addition to problem resolution appointments, SelTec also offers preventative maintenance visits. We can verify backups and antivirus protection, clean the computers and optimize their speed.
Technical Consultation & Project Planning
Whether your need for new equipment is driven by software upgrades, equipment failure, or the desire to increase office automation, we can help you find an equipment solution that not only meets your current needs, but also looks to the future. Our consultations offer you help with:

  • New equipment purchases
  • Updating or replacing older technology
  • Office relocation, renovation or expansion
  • Secure remote access implementation including VPNs and firewalls to work safely and smoothly from home or a remote office